A blog post for a fictitious travel agency that offers sustainable travel experiences for the luxury traveler.
– Write a blog post on the best places to visit for avid ecotourists. Talk about destinations in different countries and why the surrounding area (or country as a whole) promotes sustainability in some way through policies, initiatives, or local lifestyle practices.
– Target: Luxury eco-travelers
– Keyword: sustainable travel destinations
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Eco, not economy – Le’Vart Escapes ultimate guide to sustainable travel destinations for the luxury traveller.

We understand that luxury travel and sustainability haven’t always sat comfortably together. But with climate change high on the world agenda at the moment, ecotourism is seeing a rise in popularity, and conscious luxury has a very welcome seat at the travel industry table. Resorts worldwide are investing in ways to sustainably provide luxury and customer excellence to even the most discerning traveller – with the world really at your feet.

Travel to broaden the mind and enrich the soul.

From the Nordic Fjords’ glacial beauty to the lush green jungle canopies blanketing Asia and South America, the desire to know more about the rich biodiversity of the world we live in has become ever more enticing. Crucially, the resorts are investing heavily to enhance the guest experience – informing and educating a wider audience about the vital role these areas of natural beauty play in the world’s ecology and what we should do to protect it.

So, with more holidaymakers than ever looking to experience sustainability in style, we have curated Le’Vart Escape’s favourite sustainable travel destinations to visit in 2022.


  1. Norway 

The crisp and clear aesthetic of the Norwegian Fjords is rejuvenating; you feel good just being there. With Norway famously protective of its treasured landscape, the fjords have managed to remain pristine and untouched by convenience and tacky tourism thanks to their strict environmental laws and restrictions. To further protect the fjords, the Norwegian government has plans to reduce emissions in the waterways from all ferries and cruise ships by 2026. As a result, the fjords will be among the world’s first zero-emission zones at sea.

If you are looking to add some thrill to your Norwegian foray, then you have a wide variety of activities to choose from, including hiking, skiing, and river rafting.

There are spas and retreats aplenty, and one of our favourite hotels is the Juvet Landscape Hotel. (https://juvet.com/)

  1. Belize

Located on the Caribbean coast of Northern Central America, Belize is a diverse and heady mix of lowland forest and highland mountain plateaus, with jungle and lagoons hugging its coastline.

Though small in size, Belize is a world leader in ecotourism, with no other country able to exceed the percentage of its landmass dedicated to natural reserves, preserves, and parks. Pioneers in sustainable and community-based tourism projects, the government and people of Belize are dedicated to preserving all aspects of their surroundings and heritage, from marine to fauna ecosystems and the culture of the people that live there.

Hotels and resorts are pivotal in protecting the delicate ecosystems in Belize. They use rainwater traps to conserve and use water safely throughout the resorts. Many supply drinking bottles for guests on arrival to cut out plastic use and unnecessary water waste.

Our eco-pick for Belize is the Chaa Creek Resort, an award-winning jungle resort steeped in history (https://www.chaacreek.com/)

  1. Costa Rica

 We have to include Costa Rica; with its pristine beaches, incredible wildlife, volcanoes, and sumptuous rainforests, it is a must-see for the luxury eco traveller.

While small in size, Costa Rica, incredibly, makes up around 5% of the earth’s biodiversity. Split into twenty-nine national parks, nineteen wildlife refuges, and eight biological reserves, the country is protected by the National System of Conservation Areas, with 25% of the national territory preserved.

On a luxury eco-trip here, you can expect activities and experiences to suit all tastes while supporting local families. You can learn more about protecting natural resources without scaling back on the finer things. There is truly something for everyone with spas, fine dining, jungle retreats, and wildlife expeditions.

We love the multi-award-winning Lapa Rios Lodge on the Osa Peninsula, which contributes to the conservation of the rainforest and directly supports fifty-five families in the local area. (https://www.laparios.com/)

  1. Namibia

Located in southwest Africa, the apricot hues of Namibia delivers on every luxury destination front. A simply stunning combination of desert and golden coastline, you can expect to see the finest in wildlife with giraffes and elephants on the salt pan of Etosha National Park to the stunning rocky landscape of the Skeleton Coast National Park.

Despite its challenging history, Nambia was the first country in the world to establish communal conservancies – eighty-two of them. Allocating these areas addresses habitat conservation and protects the country’s natural resources. They have also given residents rights over tourism development and operations within the conservancies’ boundaries. Opening these areas to tourists while protecting the land has positively impacted the country’s high rural poverty levels, aiding development and increasing income streams for the people who live there. (https://sustainabletravel.org/places/namibia/)

At Le’Vart Escapes, we love the Wolwedans, NamibRand Nature Reserve, with mind-blowing walking safaris, sleeping under the stars, and village tours, just a taste of what’s on offer. (https://www.wolwedans.com/lodges-camps/dunes-lodge/)

And so there we have our top picks for the high-end yet mindful traveller, proving Eco really need not be economy. You can travel the world and discover new, luxurious experiences while making a profoundly positive impact on the environment around you. Luxury can be many things, but we believe offering these 360° experiences to our clients delivers the ultimate in conscious travel. Discover more today and speak to our expert travel consultants at 0800 TRAVEL.