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Do you find it challenging to communicate with your little one?

Engage your child through play with confidence with CommuniKid.


Early years communication

Spend less time researching and more time playing…

At CommuniKid, we understand that all children are different.

We have all heard people say ‘they’ll do it in their own time’ and ‘girls often talk before boys’ amongst other ‘helpful’ advice.

While this may be true in some cases, you may feel this is not happening for you. 

It can be a lonely and confusing time when your little one does not reach their communication milestones,  be it late talking, shyness, or other learning needs.

Worry, sadness, and frustration from both sides at the inability to vocalise their needs and wants or look up and at the fun and useful things in life can be all-consuming. 

With information all over the place and misinformation prevalent, too, it can be hard to find everything you need in one place,  with the security of knowing it is regulated.

The result? You’re spending hours on research, which you can be spending communicating and playing with your child.



Depending on the level of communication you have with your little one, you may need a few tried and tested activities you can implement at home to get them going. You may require supplementary guidance to play for the home while working with Speech and Language therapy through your GP or educational setting.

This is where we can help.


Why CommuniKid?

As a collective of parents of young children, CommuniKid understands only too well the anxieties that come with ensuring your child is developing, flourishing, and enjoying life to the fullest. We found, having children with communication challenges that we had a shared difficulty accessing at-home tried and tested toys and methods of play in one place of purchase. While we were accessing the excellent services of Speech & Language agencies and the fantastic partners we now have here at CommuniKid, we wanted to supplement this to spend more time playing and less time trying to find out how to.

The result?

We developed CommuniKid to help parents and caregivers with young children or toddlers who have difficulty communicating towards achieving critical milestones in their development through specialised, targeted, and tailored play, with tips, strategies, and support.

Our bundles are built based on your child’s communication needs to include toys, activities, Speech & Language approved methods of play, and an additional resource pack to guide you through the process.


What do you get?

Our bundles start at £40.00 and include 2 large toys with supporting methods of play ‘how-to’ cards, and a Speech & Language approved communication resource pack. We lovingly build your bundle from a choice of recommended toys based on your child’s specific needs – for example, to improve eye contact or word formulation. 

Developed by professionals and tailored to your needs…

The toys and activities on offer at CommuniKid are age, sensory need, and skill-appropriate, meaning you don’t need to be the expert here!

Bundles can be built with up to five small to medium toys and up to three large toys per bundle, meaning you can try several different ways to play and communicate with your child. 

By tailoring your bundle, you can get specific in terms of the kind of play your child would enjoy, how you feel they may best respond to you while being considerate to your budget too. 

As all of our recommendations for toys and play are developed with Speech & Language experts,  you can feel safe knowing that you are taking the right steps to help your child.



CommuniKid exists to give precious playtime back to you.

We believe CommuniKid bundles will give you the confidence to help your child with their communication challenges effectively.

Accessing the resources, toys, and methods of play in one, easy to navigate place with speedy delivery gives you the time and headspace back to be able to move forward with your little one. Learning and communication should be fun and functional, and CommuniKid creates this environment for you in just a few easy steps!


Our large toy bundle price guide is short and sweet

£40.00 = 2 large toy bundle + strategic play cards + additional resource pack

£60.00 = 3 large toy bundle + strategic play cards + additional resource pack

For small and mixed-size bundle prices, head over to Build My Bundle.


But don’t miss our INTRODUCTORY OFFER…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and so we are offering a 5x mixed toy bundle or 2x+3x mixed toy bundles bought at the same point of purchase for an introductory offer of £75.00. 

Why? First of all, we are new here, and this is our friendly introduction to you!

Secondly, with the holidays just around the corner, it is the perfect time to give the gift of communication!

Wait, there’s more!

In addition to your bundle, order now to receive access to our guided online support portal (normally £4.99pcm), where you will find videos, downloads, and bonus supporting materials to get your little one on track! (opt-out any time)

Be quick…

This limited offer is only available until 16.12.2022 to ensure we can fulfill all wonderful toy orders and avoid any delivery disappointment. 



“But what if the toys don’t work for my child?”

We have all done it, right? 

Our child tells us they love Spiderman, so off we go and buy the Spidiverse only to find they’ve moved on to Trolls. As with any child, they’re all different, and that’s what makes them, them! They also change quickly, so we provide several different methods, including some that might not seem obvious at first, to give you the most opportunities to hit the right note with them now and in the future.

We cannot 100% guarantee that your child will engage with every activity and method of play. We are honest about that. But you will not get that guarantee anywhere. What we provide is a stress-free way to access proven, recommended, and regulated methods of play, the equipment you need, and the support to help guide you through what we understand can be a very challenging time.

At CommuniKid, we want to help as many people as possible, not feel the way we did.

If you have more questions, our friendly team on the Live Chat would love to speak to you!


Ready to build your bundle?

Head over to the Build My Bundle page to get started on the road to communication!

Delivery is free, and you can expect your items to arrive in 2-5 working days from the date of purchase. Items are tracked, and regular updates will be sent out to you.

What are you waiting for?

Order now to take advantage of the mixed 5x toy bundle and free access to the CommuniKid online guided support portal – this introductory offer will expire on 16.12.2020.

Please chat to us if you want to know more, or head straight to the Bundle Builder below.

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